Stand up for NUJ activist Phil Turner – it’s payback time!

Anyone who has been victimised at work will have had the backing of Phil Turner – he’s that kind of guy.

Like many trades unionists I was victimised at work and singled out for redundancy  when I was FOC at the Bolton Evening News. It was part of Newsquest’s attempt to stop the fight for trade union recognition.

One of the first people to offer support and solidarity to me and my chapel was Phil Turner. He has been a rock not only at his own chapel at the Rotherham Advertiser, leading successful battles on pay and conditions,  but in every struggle for workers’ rights and justice.

Now Phil and his chapel need our help and it is vital that we repay the support he has provided. Phil has been singled out for redundancy in what is clearly an attack on the National Union of Journalists.

His chapel members are not going to take this and will strike on June 11th. Back the strike and send your messages of support to the NUJ chapel .

You can also help by sending messages to the Rotherham’s Advertiser’s chief executive Nick Alexander and copy in the editor Andrew Mosley and HR officer Debbie Commander.   

And support the demonstration for Phil’s reinstatement on Saturday June 6 in All Saints Square, Rotherham. This will be one of many battles we will have to fight. It is important we win and show our solidarity with an outstanding trade unionist.


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